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Reply to "Tasting Across America: 2002 Marquis Philips Shiraz"

Edit - the bottle I tasted had been left in a hot car for 2-3 hours... seems to have improved the flavor. Bottle #2 was not nearly as good (notes added later in thread).

Wasn't expecting to see notes already... you forumites are FAST.

We opened our first bottle yesterday, and enjoyed it very much. I didn't take actual notes... was planning to do that this weekend with bottle #2, but some impressions...

Smooth, with a little bite to it. Very fruity. The finish seemed to last quite a while - it left a warm, tingly feeling.

That 15.5% alcohol really gets you, if you're not expecting it (which I wasn't).

Goes well with leftover lasagna.

Sorry - will post some better notes after bottle #2...

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