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Reply to "Tasting Across America: 2002 Marquis Philips Shiraz"

Been holding this in reserve. Unlike george, I wait until Christmas to open my presents. Wink

DATE: 7/16
PLACE: Town Green At Outdoor Concert
WINERY: Marquis Phillips
WINE: Southeast Australia
PRICE: $11.99
COLOR: Deep Blue-Black/Purple
BODY: Full and Viscous
NOTES: Paired with a variety of picnic foods, like pasta salads, pesto, grilled chicken. Needed an hour in the glass to open up. When it did, it revealed dark plum, blackberry, chocolate, charcoal and, if I’m not mistaken, a hint of Coppertone (SPF 4-paba free of course Cool). Since this was bottle number 2 for the evening, we kept it chilled to ward off the 90˚+ heat. As a result of keeping it cool (65˚ or so), I did not get the obnoxious heat spoken of by others. But I see your point. I will try another one in 9-12 months, but I suspect the remaining bottles will nap for 2 years. I think it needs a bit of time to integrate. All in all, any complaints are really picking nits with a $12 bottle. This is a great value. But all things considered, after trying the Sarah’s blend 1 week later, I preferred the Sarah’s, and rushed out and loaded up on that.