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Tasting Across America: 2002 Marquis Philips Shiraz

I decided to start the August TAA a day early. This wine has gotten a lot of press and Robert Parker called it the hottest wine in America. If you haven't gotten any yet, please do so (if they are available- they still are in Chicago) and join in the TAA. Anyone who wants to participate can post their notes, comments or thoughts in this thread. Information on future TAA's and the year to date results are at this link.

The results from the first year and an explanation of the TAA is here.

I have tried this wine once already but will withhold my TN until I try it a 2nd time this weekend.

Since geo t. was so anxious to post on this wine, I copied his TN and will post it below as the first entry:

From geo t.:
$15.99, 15.5% alc.: Dark garnet, not quite inky; big charred oak, root beer, chocolate, candied multi-dark berry and tar nose with overtones of something like menthol that makes me cough the first time I take a good whiff. Maybe it's ethanol, I don't know. Flavors echo loudly, with an obvious alcoholic bite. Too much heat and oak for this taster. I'm somewhat oak tolerant, but this is a travesty.

Start your posting.


Eamus Catuli!
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