Reply to "Tahoma 4.0"

I can’t believe DOubleD posted this lineup 16 hours ago and not a single comment- just crickets. I guess the forum really is dead  

Ok- I’ll start it off.   Incredible lineup of newer and much older wines. Really hard to pick a favorite. 

Standouts for me included:

2004 Schraeder old sparky mag

2007 Araujo Eisele

1992 Beringer private reserve mag

1978 Montrose 

1978 duckhorn merlot 3 palms

1978 DC RRT- I liked it more than the Gravelly but I’m in the minority here

1990 jaboulet La Chapelle 

1934 Clos de la Roche- really enjoyable and unexpected from an 84 year old wine

2011 MacDonald- could be the wine of the vintage

we all disagreed on our favorites but were in unanimous agreement on one thing- this new WS format blows