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Reply to "Supper in October 2020"

A friend scored a good load of fresh black truffles from a local restaurant, so Saturday I was volunteered to do a little dinner. 

- black truffle salami

- black truffle Manchego (had not seen this before, but man! is it good)

- scrambled eggs with with a bit of green onion, sour cream, topped with truffle oil, lots of shaved truffle

- sautéed wild-foraged chanterelles, sautéed in butter with shallots, finished with Madeira and heavy cream

- spaghetti tossed with my best olive oil, touch of garlic and bit of grated Parmesan, slices of duck sausage, LOTS of shaved black truffle

- sour cherry pie (purchased, and excellent)

And someone else did the dishes for me! 😋

Wines posted in What Are You Drinking thread, but all in all, a special night for us. Hope all of you are also finding opportunities to have nice evenings with good friends during these strangest of times!


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