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what a wonderful plate

Thank you. It's Noritake, pattern Pacific Majesty/9771.

Well, I'm surprised I am up.

Thank you all for suggestions.
I served white burg -'04 Chavy Les Femelottes - with prawns and it was excellent. Good mildly complex chard that will please many. And you can find it under $20.

The duck found itself in the company of two wines - '03 Haut Gay B.Superieur and '02 Anne Amie Pinot. As I suspected, it was better with Bordeaux, but everyone loved both wines and that's all that matters to me.

With cheeses I had to serve more Pinot because everyone demanded more Pinot and I had no choice, and opened freshly bought '03 Boucherottes from Jadot. I tasted it from the barrel in '04 and could not resist to see what was going on with it now. It's a definite Buy. Smile