Reply to "Sunday dinner with friends"

No it's the whole cookery thing I object to.

The best way to enjoy prawns.

1) Get them pre-cooked whole prawns straight off the trawler. Tiger prawns (approx. 6-8" in length are the preferred variety)

2) Allow 1lb/person or 2lb/person if you're feeling extra-good.

3) Get a whole bunch of baguettes cut into 1" slices, apply liberal amounts of unsalted butter to the bread.

4) Place prawns in a large bowl set on ice in the middle of the table. Have some wedges of lemon/lime available. Have the bread in baskets in easy reach of people.

5) Serve with a crisp and fruity white wine.

6) Make sure that there is a sporting event on a big screen TV handy.

7) Go for it.

8) place prawn heads in the neighbour's hub caps after they complain about the noise you're making.