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thelostverse posted:
seaquam posted:

Basel where we board a river cruise ship for 2 weeks on the Moselle and Rhine, ending in Amsterdam. 

We are doing the reverse of your cruise - leaving from Amsterdam and ending in Basel.  We're going with a group of 40 couples from our country club, so it should be a blast.  From there, my wife and I are taking a train to the Champagne region for 2 days and then to Paris for 3 days.  Really looking forward to this as I have never been to Europe.  

We were originally booked mid-September to mid-October, but changed our plans to accommodate a couple of friends who wanted us to join them on a Montreal - New York cruise at that time (to see the changing of the leaves). What cruise line are you on?  We're taking Scenic.

It would have been a pretty cool coincidence had we met up then. I'm sure you and Mrs. TLV would have had your hands full protecting us from your country club hooligans. 

Champagne's very beautiful, with lots to see and do. And Paris is... well, Paris. I'm sure you will have a fantastic trip!

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