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Suggestion from 2000 vintage?

I do realize I am asking a rather vague question here but nonetheless...

Friends of my wife and I are getting married and we are giving them a set of Riedel Sommelier Burgundy Grand Cru glasses, a nice bottle opener and are looking for a bottle to accompany the "set". We can't really get a bottle from the 2007 vintage just yet... so, wanting to stick with a year of significance for them... we have 2000 and 2003. Other than knowing they like wine and that they enjoyed an '04 Schild Shiraz we gave them I don't really know their tastes.

So we are asking for suggestions from 2000 and/or 2003. A nice brunnello in there somewhere? A pinot noir?

I am paging thru the WS ratings for surrounding years to see if anything jumps off the page at me, but looking for a little advice here..

Not looking to break the bank unecessarily here either and also cannot be impossible to find Wink

Thanks for all suggestions!

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