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First off: Hi! I'm new to this forum and fairly new to wine collecting. My question has probably been asked and answered before but I wasn't able to find anything when I did a search. So, I apologize ahead of time.

So, here's my question:
The only place in my house where I can store wine is in my garage which is un-insulated. I'm planning to get a refrigerated storage cabinet and place it against an interior brick wall. I live in the SF Bay Area where the temperature rarely gets above 100f or below 32f. But we do have heat waves and cold snaps where those temps can last for several days.

I'm not worried about the hot days but I am worried about what happens if we get a week of 40 or below temps. When the cold weather lasts that long my garage will get just as cold as out-of-doors. And even though the cabinet will be insulated the cabinet will eventually reach ambient temperate.

Do I need to worry about the wine getting that cold for a couple of days? I doubt that it will get cold enough to actually freeze the wine but the wine could easily get down into the 40's or 30's.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Jim

The average bottle of wine will start to freeze around 20F. As long as the temperature of your wine remains fairly constant without sudden swings in temperature you should be fine.