Reply to "Special Club Champagne Producers"

The best Special Club wines I have had:

1996 Juillet-Lallement Champagne Grand Cru Special Club- 96 points.
2002 Launois Pere et Fils Champagne Grand Cru Special Club Blanc de Blancs- 96 points.
1998 J. Lassalle Champagne Special Club- 94-95 points.
2008 Gaston Chiquet Champagne Special Club Brut- 94 points.
2008 Moussé Fils Champagne Special Club Cuisles- 94 points.
2006 Marc Hébrart Champagne Premier Cru Special Club- 94 points.
2006 Vazart-Coquart Champagne Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Special Club Brut- 94 points
2008 Grongnet Champagne Special Club- 94 points.
2004 Charlier & Fils Champagne Special Club Brut- 94 points.

Complete TN's on these wines are available someplace on the board.