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Reply to "Sonoma wines vs. Napa wines."

Originally posted by PetiteSyrahFan:
Recently, I have gained more interest in the Sonoma wines and it has been real fun. I have had some excellent wines so far, and at great values, too. These last couple weeks, I have been looking mostly for Sonoma wines. I will continue to do so, as this is becoming quite fun and enjoyable.
One thing I am noticing, it is more common to find wines from Sonoma with alcohol content below 14% than it is in Napa. Here are some examples:

2000 Richardson Vineyards Cab. Sauv. 13.0%
2003 Benzinger Cab. Sauv. 13.5%
2003 Rodney Strong Merlot 13.8%
2004 Moon Mountain Vineyards Meritage 13.9%
2005 Souverain Merlot 13.9%

When I have looked at the retailers, I found several Sonoma wines that were under 14%. When having these wines, I felt they paired with food better than many Napa wines as well.

A few months ago, my parents opened up Hop Kiln Zinfandel from the early 70s. Low alcohol, and wow was it ever good. I don't think it was going to get any better, but it was far from giving up its ghost that was for sure.


This isn't directed solely at you, but I'm so tired of this argument about high alcohol wines blah, blah, blah.

Stop searching out the alcohol content on the label and just drink the wine. There are plenty of high alcohol wines that don't drink to the number and plenty of low alcohol wines that are overwhelemed by alcohol.

I wonder how many of us would be fooled by alcohol levels if we tasted blind? Generalizing wine based on anything other than how YOU like or dislike it is a mistake, IMO.

Drink the wine and generate your thoughts, don't let the label contents do it for you.