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Sonoma wines vs. Napa wines.

Recently, I have gained more interest in the Sonoma wines and it has been real fun. I have had some excellent wines so far, and at great values, too. These last couple weeks, I have been looking mostly for Sonoma wines. I will continue to do so, as this is becoming quite fun and enjoyable.

One thing I am noticing, it is more common to find wines from Sonoma with alcohol content below 14% than it is in Napa. Here are some examples:

2000 Richardson Vineyards Cab. Sauv. 13.0%
2003 Benzinger Cab. Sauv. 13.5%
2003 Rodney Strong Merlot 13.8%
2004 Moon Mountain Vineyards Meritage 13.9%
2005 Souverain Merlot 13.9%

When I have looked at the retailers, I found several Sonoma wines that were under 14%. When having these wines, I felt they paired with food better than many Napa wines as well.

A few months ago, my parents opened up Hop Kiln Zinfandel from the early 70s. Low alcohol, and wow was it ever good. I don't think it was going to get any better, but it was far from giving up its ghost that was for sure.
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