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Well done!

D has been running a lot here in Santa Fe,( 40-50 per week) and commenting on both the elevation she has been running at ( 7500-10,000 ft) and the steep hills.

She is thinking how easy ( and flat) it will be when she gets back to Dallas.

Awesome. She's gonna have a blast when she gets back to Dallas. I spent a couple of summers training in Colorado before heading back to sea level in time for the XC season. When I'd return to Miami, I'd spend 24 - 48 hours adjusting to humidity, and then I couldn't tire myself out for about 10 days. It was an incredible feeling. I'd go on hard 15 - 18 mile runs, stop, and just stand around thinking "hm. that was easy" while thinking of how unsatisfying my run felt.

TPE, the ING Miami course is flat, and plenty of people PR on it. If it rains, it isn't a particularly big deal because it's January and the humidity isn't the typical summer humidity. And in fairness to the event, it's rained a noticeable amount 4 out of 10 times, and the temperature at start time is typically lower than the start temperature at Boston (it's in the mid - low 60's, Boston is typically in the high 70's).

To JC's point, winning times are not impressive because the prize purse is practically non-existent, and the timing is not well-aligned with seasonal peaks for elites (too late for NYC, way too early for Boston or US Championships).

There's also a Half-Marathon in the same event (it's a split race) in case you aren't ready for 26.2 by January, or decide you wanna have a little more fun while you're in town!

If you decide to make a long trip out of it, I usually have a pig roast the week after the marathon, just sayin'...
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