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Reply to "So who's a runner/jogger?"

Originally posted by WISAD:
I thought running vs badmington/squash/tennis and so is because they actually use completely differing muscle groups or same muscles but in different ways. You don't get the breathlessness playing tennis that you do running, but you don't get the stretching and use of muscles from running that you do from racket sports. Heck I can run 5 k's and feel fresh, but if I play squash for an hour I am shattered.


I agree with your comments here.

I have been an avid runner/jogger and played tennis for over 20 years - although last week was the first time I picked up a tennis racquet in a long time. Both types of activities provide workouts for different sets of muscles.

I can run 4-5 miles and feel great the next day. However, if I play tennis for 1-2 hours my knees and joints ache for a couple of days. And, I can certainly feel out of breath on a tennis court, especailly after a long baseline rally.

Of course, the recovery time with both activities has increased as I have advanced in years. Frown