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How dare you inject intelligent scientific information into a thread based upon rumor and speculation?

My guess: Chances are it's a reaction to something in the laundry detergent or softener. The neck is rubbed by the collar of the garment all day long, while the clothing tends to be flat against the torso.

Try a hypo-allergenic detergent, but do not eschew the wine.

Going to a dermatologist or allergist is not irrational. (Dermatology is a great specialty. There are hundreds of conditions and two or three creams)

Thanks azprwb and Irwin for your "professional" diagnoses and recommendations. I had done all of these things before posting here: i.e. gone to my dermatologist (who, btw, agreed with azprwb: he did not think it was an allergy caused by wine because "allergic reactions are typically manifested systemically - all over, not localized").
I had also already done what Irwin prescribes: changed all our detergents, my body soaps, shampoos, etc, to hypo-allergenic products, on the advice of my dermatologist.
Nevertheless, through the process of elimination, I'm left with the conclusion that wine must be at fault in this case, because its regular consumption is the only addition I've made to my habits in the last 7 or 8 months.
As Irwin pointed out, the science of dermatology has its limitations. (As someone once said about dermatologists: "They can't cure you, but then again they can't kill you.")
So this is the reason I decided to post here: if indeed my allergy was caused by wine consumption I thought that surely some other oenophile on this board might have experienced it also.
I thank you all for your responses.
P.S. Screw the rashes. I'm enjoying my cabernets and barolos too much to stop drinking!
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