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SIduri Wines 10th Anniversary Open House Update - May 1st.

I just wanted to update everyone on our Open House on Saturday May 1. It is at our winery in Santa Rosa from 10am to 4pm. It is looking like it will be quite a party! Here are some details:

- All of our growers are showing up to pour wines from grapes grown in their vineyards. This includes Gary Pisoni, Gary Franscioni, David Hirsch, Bob Grimes (from Oregon), Marcy Keefer, Peter Cargasacchi etc. We'll also have our Novy growers here.

- All of the wines will have special - day of the event - sales prices. If we are already sold out of a current release the grower will be pouring barrel samples and Futures will be offered.

- Food (little appetizers) will be provided by Restaurant Mirepoix.

We hope you can make it!

Adam & Dianna Lee
Siduri Wines/Novy Family Winery
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