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Reply to "Shipping in cold? Worry/No worry?"

Originally posted by indybob:

I am curious, have you ever received a frozen or otherwise verifiably cold-damaged bottle that's been shipped to you? If so, what was the situation?

Thx all!

Yes. More than once.

In some cases, I mean bottles, the cork was pushed completely out and the wine spilled into the packaging.
In every case/bottle, there was an unusual amount of sediment. I presume that the freezing precipitated out tartrates and other solids.
I really can't say for sure how the taste was affected. The empty, or nearly empty, bottles gave no clue. I didn't have a comparison non-frozen bottle to calibrate the others.
I've read some comments that frozen-thawed wine seemed softer, but diminished in fruit. I can't support that from experience, but I can imagine that the solids that fall out might consist of more than just tartrates. By observation, the residue was not the typical clear crystalline tartrates.
Due to the seal being compromised, I didn't risk trying to store or age any of the wines with corks pushed up in the neck. Dead soldiers tell no tales.