Reply to "Served Correctly?"

I'll second thorn's post:

That doesn't change the fact that a winebottle should at least be opened at the table. Not that I would make a big fuss about it, it was a cheap bottle on a restaurant and most likely you were served by someone unexperienced.

I feel strongly that those of us who do know more about wine should be accepting of folks who are just starting to learn. Furthermore, we should encourage them and help bring them along.

The LAST thing I would do is laugh at the waitress.

Laughing would only perpetuate the myth that winedrinkers are snobs -- and it might make her more reluctant to serve a bottle to future customers.

Maybe the waitress hadn't yet learned how to pull a cork and had a co-worker pull it for her. This is a not uncommon situation.

Was it handled properly? No.

Should wines be opened tableside? Definitely.

What went wrong? It's really a matter of training, which is management's duty. Better training means better service.

Or maybe she was an awful waitress. Again, managment's problem.

What would I have done? I would have asked the waitress why the cork wasn't pulled at the table. Then, depending on the answer, I would have given her a 20% tip at the end of the meal (if I thought that she was inexperienced as opposed to awful) and asked the manager or hostess about training on my way out.

May you all have good service and great wine over this holiday weekend. And share some of that great wine wine someone who is just learning.