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bman posted:
jcocktosten posted:

Wines over Rosh Hashanah:

2014 Pali Wine Co. Grenache Blanc Tower 15

2013 Frank Family Chardonnay

2013 Panther Creek Pinot Noir Schindler

2015 Arnot-Roberts Syrah

2014 Stefania Syrah Besson Santa Clara Valley

2014 Terragena Pinot Noir Seppa Vineyard

 2017 Bedrock Wine Co. Heritage Wine Papera Ranch

2014 Wind Gap Wines Grenache Old Vine Sceales Vineyard

2014 Ken Wright Cellars Bonnie Jean Pinot Noir

2015 Penner Ash Pinot


How was the Bedrock Papera?  Worth the extra $$$ compared to the other Bedrock zins and syrahs?

I think both it and the Pagani are a step above - as the others are so good, whether its worth it or not depends I guess.  To me it is (but I enjoy the others as well)