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Reply to "September 2019 - What Are You Drinking?"

Earlier this week, dinner with Italo Stupino, owner of Castello di Neive, my good friend Bill Hawrysh and Rubin Elmer, Italo's Ontario Agent. It is always a pleasure to spend time with the remarkable Italo Stupino. 2018 Roero Arneis: Lovely, fresh, bright white fruit, balanced, a medium weighted Arneis.

2016 Barbaresco - this showed bright red fruit and was delightful but does need time. My guess is that 2-3 years patience will be rewarded.

2016 Barbaresco Gallina - This was a bit darker, muted and had a bitter note on the finish. My guess is that it is a bit closed now and needs time.

2013 Barbaresco Santo Stefano - I preferred this to the Gallina. It seemed to be brighter and more accessible.

2013 Barbaresco Santo Stefano Riserva - The brightness of the fruit was noticeable vs the Santo Stefano. It seemed bigger, deeper, and more alive. YUM. WOTN.

The food at Carisma was great and paired well, the service was outstanding. Conversation was great and it was a wonderful evening on all counts. Boxes of the Arneis and the Riserva are heading my way!



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