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Reply to "September 2019 - What Are You Drinking?"

purplehaze posted:
seaquam posted:

Special night, special wines, with Racer117, JulieD, Mrs. S.

- 1989 Krug Champagne — deep gold, honey, roasted pear, ginger, extremely rich and smooth, long finish, must be in its prime; one of the 2 or 3 finest Champagnes I’ve been fortunate enough to drink; really hard to finish the last glass

- 1989 Chateau Malescot St. Exupéry (Margaux) — delicious cassis, basil leaf, black pepper, hints of mineral, silky, medium-long finish; not a powerhouse but harmonious and balanced; might still have a couple good years ahead of it

- 1989 Domaine Bourillon-Dorléans Vouvray Molleux Château-Chevrier — a Loire beauty, papaya, mango, pineapple, casaba melon, all swirling in a moderately sweet, lightweight mouthful of silky intensity, very long finish, very good acidity; killer with a raspberry financier cake

Just another wonderful evening enjoying a couple glasses of wine and some foodA3C1B4CB-C90B-495B-BE03-2D711FDAE0F8

    with good friends...  😀

Thanks for the notes, Seaq.  I've always been a huge fan of the 1989 Krug.  Had several spirited conversations with w+a on the merits of the 1988  vs. 1989 Krugs.  He says 1988.  I say 1989.  Only one of us is correct.  Guess who?  


PH, I’ve had ‘89 Krug twice and it is awesome. However I’ve never had ‘88 Krug. I’ll have have to let you lads toss a coin to see which of you is right.

I’ve had ‘96 Krug 4 times now, and suspect that it may overshadow both of them in the next few years. 😀