Selections for Wedding Reception?

Hi everyone, I am new to wine and I have to buy about 30 bottles of Champagne and 50 bottles of wine for my wedding reception.

I really don't know what my budget should be, but I want to choose a wine that everyone will enjoy with their 9 course traditional Chinese dinner. Most of the people attending will be Vietnamese and Japanese.

I'm thinking that I could spend about $1000-1500. Is that reasonable?

I know that most of the guests are not "wine" experts and would probably enjoy something more on the "mild" side. My fiance rarely drinks wine and one of the few red wine's she's actually enjoyed was from Olive Garden. (Principato Rosso)

Anyways I have a few questions:

What type of wine would go well with Chinese food? (Mostly seafood dishes and strong flavors)

Where should I shop for the wine? (I normally go Trader Joes, Costco, or Bev Mo for wine)

Any suggestions on $5-$20 bottles?

Should I be looking for discounts on Champagne due to new years and purchase now? OR could the Champagne go bad after 4 months of garage storage?

What kind of variety of wine should I have? Or should it be just one selection?

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