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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

thistlintom posted:
arsenal4ever posted:

Copy and paste TOM. Copy (ctrl+c.) and paste (ctrl+v)

Saves you time to compose more diatribes



One trick pony. Tiring.

Oh my, I guess we're all supposed to get used to have a racist in the WH. I guess we're supposed to accept his daily barrage of bigotry. TT, a proud voter for this truly awful human being and disgrace as a president. arsenal I don't get at all. He's not for Trump, but willing to overlook, or at least not want to hear the truth about him. I'll stop when there's no longer a bigot, a racist. and a sexist occupying the WH.

arsenal, as I've said before, my avatar stands out as a black and white image; very easy to spot. And you say I'm just repeating myself. So exactly why do you keep read my posts? And then, talk about cut and paste, you make the same comment each time. Try  (ctrl+c.) and paste (ctrl+v) indeed.

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