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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

csm posted:
bman posted:
csm posted:
The Old Man posted:

He pardons old white men who tried to game the system for their benefit. Just like himself.

Yeah, Trump is the only president ever to do something like that 

Examples of others?  Especially others who pardoned as many and/or for crimes as bad as those pardoned by Trump?  

William Jefferson Clinton pardoned/commuted the sentence of 140 people on his final day in office.  Overall he pardoned more than 150 people and commuted the sentences of 42 more. 

Here's a sampling:

Peter MacDonald  - 14 years sentence for fraud, extortion, inciting riots, bribery, and corruption was commuted.

Carlos Vignali 15 year sentence for cocaine trafficking commuted.

Almon Braswell pardoned of his mail fraud and perjury convictions (something Willie knew about well I suppose).  Also paid $200k, along with Vignali, for Hugh Rodham to represent their cases for clemency.  Funds returned when the public learned of the payments. Wonder if that had anything to do with the pardons.

Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg of the Weather Underground had weapons and explosives charges commuted after serving less than half their sentences. 

Marc Rich, after Denise Eisenberg Rich made substantial donations to the Clinton library and to Hilary's senate campaign, pardoned of tax evasion and allowed to return to the US.

Susan McDougal, pardoned of contempt conviction stemming from refusal to testify about Clinton's role in Whitewater.  

Willie's brother Roger pardoned of drug charges.  

Democratic congressman, child abuser and fraud, among other things, Mel Reynolds, had his sentence commuted on bank fraud after serving his entire sentence for 12 counts of child sexual assault and solicitation of child pornography.  

Maybe my favourite, Harvey Weining, sentence for facilitating an extortion-kidnapping scheme and helping launder at least $19 million for the Cali Cartel was commuted.

Thank you CSM...just did not have the time to post that much of a detailed reply.  Bman asked for an example...thought the name Mark Rich would suffice the hypocrite left (TOM).

Clinton sure seems to fit the bill.  Old Man...did not have to be the "Best I Got", as the poster only asked for an example.  You go research it on your do you manage your misery everyday.  I bet you drink shitty wine as well.

Speaking of hypocrites...Bloomberg while mayor of NYC, clamping down on emissions, made a rule that a vehicle could not idle longer than three minutes (except security I believe (read "his" into that)) and actually installed a window unit AC into his SUV.

Typical liberal a-hole telling everyone else how to live and doing the opposite.   Go ahead and vote for these jerks.