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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

winetarelli posted:

We are 46 days into the year:

Trump has been impeached and acquitted. And is fully using the Justice Department to re-write history and exact revenge on his “enemies”.

The Democrats, in response, are poised to nominate a (declared on video) Soviet-loving, conscientious objector, 78 year old, self-described Socialist. 

Something something Nigerian “sock puppet” something Buttigieg disproven conspiracy theory Lis Smith something.

Coronavirus, the worst flu season in a decade.

Richard Dawkins is trending because he thinks what we should all be talking about right now is eugenics (and how it would totes for real work).


Well ,that was uplifting.     It's way too early to be pessimistic.  Let's see where things are in March, and take a deep breath until then.