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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

purplehaze posted:
irwin posted:

From PH: "I've also promised them that I'll drive them to the polls, and buy them a beer or five afterwards. "

In Baltimore, and perhaps in PH's county, you can't buy alcohol in a restaurant until the polls close at 8.

Apparently the laws have changed.  Talbot County seems to be the only county to bar alcohol sales during polling hours, but this appears to be for "carry-out," only.  Interestingly, the city of Annapolis was miraculously left off the list of allowed jurisdictions until 2015.



We were living in Costa Rica in the late 80s during an election there. Grocery stores selling alcohol had purpose-built wooden structures that fit perfectly into the alcove of the store which held the alcohol, blocking it off on election day. It was then not only locked in place by a couple of big heavy locks but the election authorities put purpose-made tape with their names on it over the locks and the wooden structure. 

Knowing the Costa Ricans I expect they still do this all across the country.