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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

purplehaze posted:
The Old Man posted:

I'm sorry, however I believe I have a very distinctive avator, especially since it's black and white. It would be very easy to simply ignore my posts here. Just change the channel.

I was as much posting regarding my own view, but also thinking that your "tilting at windmills," with napa might becoming tiresome for others.  So... you two: why not do this?

Make a statement, and ask for rebuttal.

Ask a question, and wait for an answer.  Argue the facts.  Quit the hysterics.

I can assure you this, you'll not convert him, nor will he you.  So quit pissing into the wind here.  The place is toxic enough already.  Unless you'd like to be the new Board-O, or perhaps the new Mr. Cabernet??


No, he's no one I wish to engage, however I will take heed of your point.

But note, we have argued facts in the past and like many (most?) Trump supporters they simply don't accept them. They have the "alternate facts."