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Yeah, we're the ones who didn't get it. You're the one who doesn't realize that we think your opinions are valueless and we all see right through your pathetic attempts to shake things up. You're kind of a joke.

Look, I get that Napacat is an antagonizer.  Fine.  So is my 12 year old son.  Block him.  Ignore him.  Go the opposite route and try to have a reasonable conversation with him.  

But let's not get to the point where we say that a person is pathetic, or a joke, or that their opinions are valueless.  It seems to me that you spend your whole time on here screaming about a man who is intolerant, ignorant, and doesn't have any human decency, yet you seem to have zero tolerance for anyone who supports the president.  

We all are human.  We all have thoughts and opinions, and despite what you say, they do have value.  Just be respectful man.  

Well Put Azweise.  Oh the intolerant left. They cannot converse with anyone...need safe rooms and just decry how anyone could have an opposite view.  We could have some great discussions here and fun.  After all, we all love wine as a starter.  

 But no...they think Trump is the worst thing ever ..No I said he was the sixth worst thing ever for the US, but certainly the worst president of all time---but would have gladly voted for Hillary (sad).  Thanks for the attempt though.  

And this is the moron you want me to go easy on? For Nappy it's "all about the Benjamins." (He's told us this before, that's the only positive thing he's posted about the demagogue in chief.) He has no problem overlooking racism, bigotry, sexism and antisemitism as long as his pocketbook is full. Disgusting. He and his ilk are the enemies of democracy.

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