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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

napacat posted: does this farce move forward when:

The only people that claim wrongdoing on the call have never met President Trump and were not privy to the call?

And the participants on the call (including the Ukrainian President) say there was nothing inappropriate?

just answer that...don’t bring any other nonsense into your reply.

Here is the clearest simplest explanation of the whole affair to date, from ABC News, hardly a left-wing fake news organization.  Hope this assists your understanding of the matter:

- Driven by debunked claims promoted by conservative media and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, Trump pushed the newly-elected president of Ukraine, Vlodymyr Zelenskiy, to investigate Trump's political rival, Biden. Trump even wanted Zelenskiy to announce the investigation in public, witnesses testified.

- Meanwhile, Zelenskiy was eager to visit the White House and meet with Trump. At the White House's behest, senior U.S. officials made clear to Zelenskiy's team that a White House visit would only happen if Ukraine investigated Biden and announced it publicly.

- While the Ukrainians were pushing for a White House visit and Trump administration officials were pushing for a Biden investigation, Trump directed the U.S. government to freeze much-needed military aid to Ukraine. (For years, Ukraine has been engaged in a bloody war with Russia. The United States was sending military aid to Ukraine to help keep Russia at bay and keep Ukrainian soldiers alive -- and that aid enjoyed bipartisan support in Congress and even "unanimous" support within relevant parts of the U.S. government.)

- The Ukrainian officials may not have realized it, but -- Trump's top diplomat to Ukraine alleged -- the White House refused to restart military aid until Ukraine agreed to investigate Biden and announce it publicly. And, while the military aid was frozen, Trump specifically wanted to know the status of Ukraine's investigations.

- Military assistance to Ukraine was finally restarted two days after Congress was notified that a whistleblower's complaint of "urgent concern" had been filed with the intelligence community's internal watchdog.