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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

napacat posted: does this farce move forward when:

The only people that claim wrongdoing on the call have never met President Trump and were not privy to the call?

And the participants on the call (including the Ukrainian President) say there was nothing inappropriate?

just answer that...don’t bring any other nonsense into your reply.

I only watch Fox State News and other pro bigot-in-chief echo chamber media. I only know their talking points. I'm a know-nothing idiot.

But here's one moron: The people who know the truth, Giuliani, Mulvaney and others are being blocked from testifying by whom? And as non-Fox State News viewers know, Trump's consul refused to let him talk under oath to Mueller because they knew he would perjure himself.

Oh alright one more. Are we supposed to be surprised that neither the blackmailer, nor the beleaguered blackmailee (sic) deny anything happened?

Muddled thinker and terrible debater.

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