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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

purplehaze posted:
winetarelli posted:

Oh, for Fuck’s sake. No. First Bloomberg, now Deval Patrick. And there are rumors of Sherrod Brown. No. You all had your chance. Fuck you. No. 

And if anyone splits the vote off of Biden and causes Warren to be the nominee, it will be on your heads. 

I hate being a Democrat. It is hearding cats. And this time it really matters.

I've only been a registered Democrat for a few months, and only changed my affiliation from "i" so that I'd have a say in the primary.  Do you honestly think that either Bloomberg or Patrick have enough juice to affect the primaries?  I just don't see it.

I wish I had your (and b-man's) confidence in Biden, but he troubles me a bit.  Electable, probably.  Inspiring?  Not so much.

I do think they can take enough away from Biden to make Warren the nominee. 

Biden isn’t a rock star. As between him, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Bullock, and Bennet he would not be my first choice. But I like him fine. He would be safe, and get things back to a more normal place in foreign and domestic politics. He would assemble a team that I trust. But most importantly, every single poll — even with all of the shit hurled his way from all sides — puts him on much better ground against Trump than anyone else. Warren is consistently one of the worst. And there are parts of her platform and public statements that simply aren’t tenable in a General Election.


The first election I was ever eligible to vote in, I voted for Gore, who didn’t really impress me at the time. But he was a lot better than W to me. Then, I worked on Kerry’s campaign. He was long-winded, but I liked him. Then I got the pleasure of voting for someone I really admired twice — and he won!  Then, Hillary, who was the worst candidate I’ve ever seen, but policy-wise I liked. So, I’ve been all over the place on this. Bennet — and Yang, actually — are probably the two closest to my exact domestic politics, but neither will be the next President and Yang should not be as he knows very little about IR and doesn’t have the gravitas to lead a country out of a paper bag. Buttigieg is the most eloquent, but he just does lousy against Trump in the polls. If Klobuchar or Bullock we’re going to be a hit, it would have happened already.  I’m fine with Biden. It’s already November. Time to get a candidate who can beat Trump and then focus on that. The election is about Trump, it has to be. Biden, more than anyone else, makes the election about Trump. Which, imo, is why he consistently matches up best.