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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

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I agree that everyone should wear a poppy leading up to this day. The thing is that everyone watching that rant by Cherry understood that what he was saying was in effect "those foreign, brown people streaming into our country are not like us, don't care about us, will never be like us and shouldn't be here."

If the majority of Canadian's feel that way about him, imagine how we feel about Trump.

Don't know that I agree there was a racial component to it.  Historically, he's been more opposed to Europeans (Uke-A-Rainians in particular) and the French than anyone else.  I think he's generally opposed to anyone that doesn't have an anglophone name, regardless of race.  

Regardless, I think Rogers saw this as a convenient excuse to get rid of him.  His contract wasn't going to be renewed and frankly he's said worse things, including things much more explicit and offside vis a vis immigrants in the past and he's stuck around.  The reality is the game has passed him by and he hasn't been relevant or even entertaining for 15 years or so.  He's long past his best before date so Rogers put him out to pasture.  And good riddance. 

I do find it interesting though that Cherry's comments caused him to be fired (deservedly), but our prime minister has dressed up in black or brownface on at least three separate occasions, and wasn't able to say those were the only three, and still was re-elected.  If Don still moved the needle like he used to, I suspect the outcome would have been different. 

CSM, just a guess here...but I would think that Cherry is right leaning and Trudeau is a liberal.  That's the difference right there.  The GOV of VA also withstood wearing blackface (also a liberal).  The media will pick and chose who they will try and destroy.

Oh, that evil media. You sure are smart.