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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

billhike posted:
napacat posted:

Not really...just by the politically correct crowd and the crowd that has to label everyone.  And then there are people like you...who just like to pounce on when they think they see easy prey and really have nothing to add.  

I don't think I have ever read any post of interest you wrote or contributed to.  Really a bunch of drivel.  But carry on...

You certainly have me figured out. I’ve never posted a tasting note, organized or attended an offline, mentioned wines purchased or consumed, shared info about deep discounts, sales or coupons, offered travel advice, invited fellow forumites into my home...

Congratulations, super sleuth. (Weren’t detective called Dicks at one time? Seems appropriate here.) If you ever read one of the wine-related threads you’d realize how embarrassingly asinine you are. Assuming you could set aside your pathological myopia. As for being “easy prey”, that’s on you for being unable to back up your comments with facts. 

Rather than reply the way you did to my question about the Canadian broadcaster, you could have not said anything or posted a classy response as RobS did.  But you do not appear to have any class at all.

And you most certainly have posted...etc, I stated they are just not of any interest to me.  

You folks here wonder where people go. You are a small group of like minded boors that  like to pounce on people who are not in 100% agreement with you.  Just like the liberals of the day.  A very select few think they own this board and must police it and regulate who can and say what. 

You drive people away that may want to post more interesting things. Instead you're left with "What did you have for lunch" "what are you wearing"...nonsense. 

 You're a mostly unwelcoming group.  Love the days when DRAB used to post.  As I'm sure some of you did as well...but thank the few pompous A-Holes for driving interesting people away.