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napacat posted:
robsutherland posted:

Age removes filters and those things that you once said in your head eventually get said out loud and you are at a point where you don't realize or don't care when people hear it. 

Don Cherry is a racist, xenophobe and isolationist. Now with the filter gone he's a raving one and doesn't realize that what he's saying goes against how the majority of Canadian's feel. Most of us are very turned off by it.  

I agree that everyone should wear a poppy leading up to this day. The thing is that everyone watching that rant by Cherry understood that what he was saying was in effect "those foreign, brown people streaming into our country are not like us, don't care about us, will never be like us and shouldn't be here."

If the majority of Canadian's feel that way about him, imagine how we feel about Trump.

I had / have no known history of this man or even who he is or his background. Just was noting the statement itself taken at face value did not seem that it warranted the firing.



Brilliant. Again.