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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

napacat posted:
cellarnewbie posted:
napacat posted:
The Old Man posted:

"As for Biden...yes I have heard the same defense.  Odd how this quid pro quo is ok though."

God you're so ignorant and as I've said many times just such a poor debater. Funny about that word "though." Not only is it the proof of the demagogue in chief's anti-democratic act, but with it your use of it you are admitting that Trump did what he's accused of, offering a quid pro quo to it get a foreign country to give him dirt on a political opponent. Meanwhile there's no proof of anything in regard to Biden. But let's say there were, I'm going to make a shocking statement that it's not near the offense of blackmailing other countries to help you win a US election.

Also please read up on today's news from Great Britain that Trump was trying to squeeze information against his political "enemies."

"His job was to recommend charges or not."

I guess you didn't read my response, or are deliberately ignoring it as a good Fox State News viewer. He was constrained from recommending charges because of a DOJ rule. PS, not a law.

May I suggest you find some other thread to respond to because every time you do here you just dig yourself down deeper and deeper.

You are a bitter and rotten soul and I presume an overall jerk of a human.  You, Old Man,  think I implied that Trump had a quid pro quo ( I did not).  I stated "odd how this quid pro quo was ok" (Biden).  You interpret that to imply that I indicated that Trump made one as well...nice leap.  Stick to the person I was speaking about. 

If the rule is that a sitting president cannot be indicted...then what was the point of the entire investigation.  You know they would have nailed them if they could. On one hand....Trump is a moron and the dumbest president ever.  On the other hand, you also want us to believe he is brilliant and worked with Russia to get elected and was able to hide it from the special council. Man...You all are a tiring bunch. 

And the Cellarnewbie  who states: "Also, he lost the popular vote by 3 million, because is president because land gets more electoral credit than urban areas".

This is only due to Los Angels County / Southern CA and Manhattan.  You think we want  this group of out of touch people to sway the general elevation in their favor...not at all.   Any talk of dissolving the Electoral College is nonsensical and just bitterness from the losing side.

Get over it...Trump will win again.  

There are more people in Los Angeles than in Wyoming, North or South Dakota, Idaho, etc, yet each of those states gets far more representation in DC than just the people of Los Angeles.  You don't think people in NYC or LA should get an equal say in the vote?  Why shouldn't 1 person = 1 vote?  

Vice think that a large concentration of liberal democrats in LA or NY should make a small state’s populations vote irrelevant?

That's what their congressional representation is for.  The Presidency should reflect the population of the country as a whole.