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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

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Oh, and lest you think this is only in education... A Massachusetts delegate introduced a bill today that would make it illegal to call someone a bitch in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. The fine for the first offense would be $150. Second offense only $200 — but also 6 months in jail. Will this bill pass?  Probably not; it isn’t even entirely clear how much support the proposer is going to give it. And, obviously, it is a prima facia violation of the First Amendment.  But you can be sure this will be a story of a true thing on Fox News tomorrow.  And some swing voters watch Fox.

Sadly, there will be far more instances of Far-Left lunacy between now and the general. And any candidate that leans into the madness is going to lose the states he (or she) needs to win.  

IMO, candidates most likely fully to make the election a referendum on Trump are also the most likely to carry the day.  In my view, Biden (running with Klobuchar) is the candidate most likely to make the election about Trump. Say what you want about him, he is *safe*. He couldn’t scare a grasshopper. And I also believe that will be critical to carrying the day... and *nobody* is going to accuse him of being hyper-politically-correct. Which may harm him in the primaries, but which I believe would be at least a wash — and, likely, an asset — during the General. 

Agree re Biden and Klobuchar, or perhaps Harris.  But Biden needs to show that he has his $hit together and stop getting his facts wrong and making other simple errors that diminish confidence in his mental health and raise concerns about his age.

Understand the comments about Biden, yet he had the same issues 20 years ago. It is just who he has always been. Hard to say how much has to do with his age.