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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

purplehaze posted:
The Old Man posted:

FWIW the only name calling was yours. " letting Trump turn you into a moron, too." 

I've enjoyed your exchanges with winetarelli, and his with you.  If I might suggest, the tone and abrasiveness of your comments often take precedence over the content of your communications.  

Hogwash...'re worried about some stupid actions

Get your priorities straight...

it sure read like you're lapping up Fox New's talking points..

a lot of it was horse manure...

Buy a euphemism once in a while.  It costs you nothing to be polite  You and winetarelli have much more in common than in opposition.  Allies should speak frankly with each other, but a modicum of tact is usually useful.  Rant over.