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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

flwino posted:
ProSys posted:

I’m still shaking my head at how the worst President in history can choose the worst Chief of Staff in history.  Key takeaways from the Mulvaney press conference yesterday, per Quora poster Mike Jones:

“Theres really one key one: Mulvaney thinks he can say anything he wants, then directly contradict it in a written statement an hour or two later, and get away with it.

Beyond that, he called the legitimacy of the Barr/Dunham investigation into the genesis of the Mueller investigation into question by saying that Trump asked Ukraine for help with it (a claim that has been denied by the DOJ).

He admitted that the President used taxpayer funds to attempt to influence the behavior of a foreign country for political advantage.

Oh, and he thinks we’re all complete idiots because no one else would believe his transparent lie about how the Trump Doral resort was chosen for next year’s G-7 meeting.

I will not be surprised in the least if the transcript of this press conference is entered as evidence in the Senate impeachment trial of Trump.”

How many days does Mulvaney have left in the WH?   Maybe he can caddy at Doral

He made it clear, you need to get over the most corrupt undemocratic presidency in US history. OK?