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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

purplehaze posted:
The Old Man posted:
doubled posted:

It will come down to the red states and their Senators if you all want the impeachment to work.  

Impeachment does not have "to work." It is necessary even if it fails in the Senate. The house is simply doing its duty to call out obvious criminal and unconstitutional acts.

Here's a prediction:  By the time the investigations are done, not only will the House impeach, but the Senate will have no choice but to convict.  There is much more out there on these guys.  The career civil servants are starting to get their mojo working.  The dam is leaking. Whistles are being blown.  You read it here first.  


And I have said for almost three horrible years that the craven Republicans will continue to put party before country and do whatever it takes to protect their bill-signer-in-chief.

You read it here second.