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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

bman posted:
wineart 2 posted:
billhike posted:

Nobel for 45 after brokering that great peace agreement?

Can you imagine what we gave up for this not to last BS. 

The Dump was desperate as his own party was up in arms. Turkey wins and the American public pays for the Dumps stupidity and worse, abandonment of an ally. 

Or, worse than that, some of those escaped ISIS fighters getting to the US committing terrorists acts there.  Or against US interests in Europe or elsewhere.  Or against anyone else.  Perhaps the stupidest thing Trump said (aside from the WWII reference!) throughout this whole affair was that the escaped ISIS terrorists would not be America's problem.  

On the bright side though, a majority of Republicans in the House voted against him.  

The Dump has one policy. Himself first and he doesn’t even care other than that, but spews America second.  He sure in the hell doesn’t care about Europe. 

Plus, B, as he said, ISIS is 7000 miles from America, so fret not.  I guess the 911 terrorist were from Queens.