Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

The Old Man posted:
napacat posted:

I’m done...but I will wager with you a $100 bottle of wine should Trump not win ( cannot see how to this crowd on the Democratic side) that he will exit gracefully.  I’lll ship to you, if he does not win and and does any of what you said above .  You will ship to me should he not win and accept the results.  

If he wins...we’ll hell...that’s enough for me.

Even though your views make me sick that's a very gentlemanly offer. However, you make it too easy for me. I said he "wouldn't leave" and you're saying "exit gracefully." Now even you must know that he never does anything gracefully. So thanks for the offer but I don't want to take your easy money bet. 

I'm done too.

OK...respectfully accept the declination.  Best to be done on the subject as well. Point really don't know my views.  You are just projecting what you think they are since I voted for Trump.

With that...will try to ignore the political fray.