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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

thistlintom posted:

The reason why I posted the article on racism is that I believe we have been moving backwards on race relations and the charge of racism and white privilege are used as weapons against those whose opinions and views are different.   The use of Identity politics and intersectionality are destructive and are used to push people into categories, which is contradictory to the ideals of the US which is the identity of the individual and the individual's rights.

I believe that the overused charges of racism, the concept of white privilege and the use of identity politics have damaged the ability to have conversations about policies and to challenge opponents views from a position of ideals.  It's an easy cop out to yell racist or charge white privilege instead of challenging the opponents point of view.

I don’t disagree with much of this, Tom. BUT,  nowhere in mainstream media is Identity Politics more prevalent than on Fox News. The difference is that on Fox News it is White Identity politics and frequently White Supremacy. There is nothing In mainstream Left-Wing media analogous to Pirro or Carlson, or Hannity or Dobbs. It is certainly often the White Supremacy when the President speaks. (See TOM’s examples for just the tip of the iceberg.)

I’m a steadfast liberal. As such, a great amount of the cultural far-Left infuriates me. For some of the reasons you list, as well as for some you do not. But most of the Democratic party isn’t that. Trump and Fox News want the nuttiest parts of Hollywood, or universities or, perhaps mostly, The Squad to be the symbols of the Democratic party precisely because if the real political center of the party — Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Barak Obama — are the symbols, The Republicans fair far worse.  

Someone online has commented that bad things remain bad even when other bad things are happening or other bad people are doing other bad things for bad reasons badly. Or bad people are calling the bad things bad for bad reasons.  

Bad things remain bad.

Also, disproportionality is bad.

The existence of Antifa is terrible. The various methods people on the far-Left are using to stifle debate (and circumvent due process) are terrible.  The consistantly problematic anti-semitism of a vocal few is deeply worrying to me.  However, none of this poses the same type of threat as having a White Supremacist moron with malignant narcissistic personality disorder as the President. Nor does any of it rise to the level of Mitch McConnell and his cohort who actively strive to subvert the will of the people — and even refuse to allow bills protecting our democracy from coming to a vote. As much as I have problems with some members of The Squad, there is simply no nationally elected Democrat remotely as dangerous to our basic democracy and institutions as the leaders of the Republican party — nor the near 100% of the nationally elected Republicans who follow them. 

So, in summary, I don’t disagree with most of your points, generally. But these points don’t really apply to Trump or some of his most ardent followers. There is only so much debate to be had with someone who writes The Browning Of America, or someone who calls *some* Neo-Nazis good people.