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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

purplehaze posted:
irwin posted:

we went to lunch at a chain place today called "The Green Turtle". 

I'm familiar with the chain.  The Green Turtle was once a decent dive bar (oxymoron?) in Ocean City, MD.  Years ago they began franchising, and frankly, the franchises suck.  The Turtle is also known as a hangout for younger drinkers.

Typically, when servers are carding 66 year old patrons, it's because the facility has had a recent violation for serving underage drinkers.  The move by management is "card 'em all," to eliminate any chance of losing their license.  This usually eases in time.


The place in Towson isn't great.  It's mostly for the Towson University students. But it is next to the public library, and I wanted to take a book out of the library to read. (More evidence of my age).

The franchise out in McHenry Maryland, next to Deep Creek Lake is pretty good.