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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

purplehaze posted:
wineart 2 posted:

Ha. The hospital patients in El Paso refused to see the orange racist so the White House had to have two previously released patients return so that there would be someone for him to see.😂

Now the White House staff is admitting the trip didn’t go as hoped, and hospital administrators saying the orange racist was completely devoid of empathy. No shit! 

But, but but... he spoke so eloquently about the poor people of Toledo!  

Of course, another geezer with aspirations for office (sorry bman, I know you like him) offered his sympathies to the people of Houston and Michigan. 

New rule.  If you're 71 or older, no presidency for you!  I added a year, because I'm actually kinda digging Elizabeth Warren lately.  And I'd LOVE to see her on a debate stage with the dotard.   


I like whoever can most assuredly get Donnie Dickhead out of office.  That seemed to be Biden but I agree he has lost much of his lustre.  Still, he's miles ahead of DD by any positive measure (and miles behind on the negative ones!) and I suspect the hatchet job the Republicans would do on other leading candidates could neuter any electoral advantages they have - Warren more so than the others.  So still hoping for a Biden/Harris ticket.  For now.