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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

purplehaze posted:
jcocktosten posted:

Now they are chanting "Send Her Back" at his rallies.  Truly wonderful, non-racists.  

Now, surely based on polling feedback, the orange-utan claims that he "disagrees," with the "Send her back," chanting at his recent Nurenberg rally .  He claims he resumed his speech "very quickly," to interrupt the chants.  

A 13 second pause, while he allowed the monkeys to throw feces from their enclosures as he smirked. Disingenuous bullshit.   F Trump and all his minions.  


Exactly. The president once again had the chance to show leadership and courage. Just like when the coward hid under his daddy’s skirt to avoid serving his country, he smiled at the chants and let them play out. It obviously feed his ego.

The chants came directly from the POS own mouth and his own tweets. He alone is responsible for feeding his cults bigotry, racism and sick thinking. He and his cult trample our constitution and the very values this nation was founded on. The crowd only gave the POS what he wanted and he smiled.

McCain had one of his supporters call Obama an Arab. McCain stopped her on the spot. Leadership and courage. 

For the POS sitting in the Oval Office to now say he doesn’t support the chants is an insult to any triple digit intellect. 

Not only F Trump, F his cult and even more so F the republicans and their silence as the constitution is being shit on. Those who see wrong and say/ do nothing are the cowards that fuel the bigotry and racism and allow it to only grow. 

I sit back daily and wonder how I ever supported this party for so long.