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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

The Old Man posted:
purplehaze posted:

Should I be on the side of Clinton and Pelosi advising ILLEGALS how to break the law further and avoid ICE! 

First of all, apparently this was a question.  Buy a question mark, Einstein.  And then, if you can manage it, please give me specifics on what the fuck Clinton has to do with anything, and how either "Clinton" (not sure which one you're ranting about) or Pelosi are advising anyone how to break the law or avoid ICE.  Specifics, please.

Pelosi and Clinton did NOT give advice on how to break the law, but how to get the rights our laws give all people in the US, whether here legally or illegally. Napa apparently thinks that giving people information on legal options open to them is telling them how to break the law. Now where could Napa had got the idea it was advice on how to break our laws? If you answered State Media Fox "News", you'd certainly be right. Only the brain dead Trumpanzies swallow the horse manure that the president's sycophants make up for them daily.

You all are hopeless.  You would rather the former Secretary of State and current Speaker of the House advise ILLEGALS on how to avoid being deported.  Sick and twisted thought process.  But carry on...completely on the incorrect side of common sense.  

Absolutely no point in trying to write a lengthy response to any of all are dug in and foolish.  

Cheers and I’ll give up on discussing this. Prefer to be much more positive.