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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

The Old Man posted:
purplehaze posted:

Should I be on the side of Clinton and Pelosi advising ILLEGALS how to break the law further and avoid ICE! 

First of all, apparently this was a question.  Buy a question mark, Einstein.  And then, if you can manage it, please give me specifics on what the fuck Clinton has to do with anything, and how either "Clinton" (not sure which one you're ranting about) or Pelosi are advising anyone how to break the law or avoid ICE.  Specifics, please.

Pelosi and Clinton did NOT give advice on how to break the law, but how to get the rights our laws give all people in the US, whether here legally or illegally. Napa apparently thinks that giving people information on legal options open to them is telling them how to break the law. Now where could Napa had got the idea it was advice on how to break our laws? If you answered State Media Fox "News", you'd certainly be right. Only the brain dead Trumpanzies swallow the horse manure that the president's sycophants make up for them daily.

Gentlemen, clearly English is not the empty suits first language and he only has a double digit IQ. Obviously Putin’s poodle Twitter vocabulary is his level of understanding. Period.

When facts are stated, he isn’t capable of addressing them nor is he interested in facts to begin with. Logic, facts, critical thinking and the nuance of debate are clearly beyond his mental gymnastic ability. 

One of the early questions posed to the empty suit was, “ what does MAGA mean?”  Is that the time women couldn’t vote? Is that a time when only white men were in power? Is that a time when the thinking was a catholic couldn’t be president? Was it a time when a woman could be at the very top of her law class yet not be offered a position at a world class law firm? Perhaps it was when people of color couldn’t eat, drink or even stay where white people did such. Was it a time when Jewish people couldn’t belong to the same country clubs? Was it a time when anyone with a different sexual preference could be put in jail, refused employment, employment benefits and mistreated without consequence? Perhaps it means it was a time that it was okay for your ancestors to immigrate to the United States because they looked like the people in power. Just exactly which decades does the term refer to was a question that the empty suit never answered. 

I am admitting I’m not proofreading my post as Wimbledon has already started without me. 🙃

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