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bman posted:
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But the stock market!

An incredible 10 year run for sure. The conman has a long way to get to equal Obama. 

Facts; Under Obama, S&P 500 grew by 56.4%, Dow up 50.6% and the Nasdaq up 92.9%.  Under the conman, S&P 500 up 21.4%, Dow up 25.2% and Nasdaq up 34.2%. 

But give Putin’s poodle his credit, he is setting records every quarter in debt and has grown our national debt to over $22 trillion and equally important 4.4% of GDP - far higher than any average over the past 50 years. 


But her emails!





... and talking about the inept president and his band of fools; Mnuchin now has issued a warning that America is running out of cash far sooner than expected. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says the deficit jumped 23.1% since the tax cuts have taken effect. This, plus the Republicans massive spending package will produce a record trillion dollar deficit compared to the $779 billion from a year ago per the CBO. 

Conservative fiscal hawks my ass!!!  This administration is nothing short of a kangaroo court.