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Reply to "Say Something Completely Random And Off Topic"

wineart 2 posted:
The Old Man posted:
arsenal4ever posted:

For the record, the final vote was 65,844,954 for Clinton; 62,979,879 for Trump. Difference of 2.9 million. Not quite the 10 million as stated by Wineart2. Many have postulated that African-Americans and women did not show up to vote for Clinton as they did for Obama.

I think that we all hope for better candidates from both parties in coming elections.

And not another racist, bigoted, sexist, know-nothing demagogue from the Trumpublican party.

Umm, for the record, There were 72, 519,874 votes against Trump. 

Many people could not vote for either Trump or Clinton. 

I'm not sure how that's a response to my post, but OK I guess.